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Two New Prints Added

I have been doing a mid year review and came across a couple of pieces ready for upload. The first is “Sombrero” located in the Nature Made portfolio and the other is “A Study In Circles”, an addition to the Abstract portfolio. Both I have worked on in the last six months, but never quite finished until recently. I like the direction my work has been going and have some new and exciting ideas planned for the future. Thanks for stopping by!

Macro Photography and Mushrooms

Just published a blog posting with a few basic tips on macro photography and images from one of my latest shoots. Always remember to find what the minimum focus distance of the lens you are using to be sure your images are in focus! Visit my blog for more tips!

New Abstract Print

I have been back in the studio lately tinkering around with two of my favorite subjects color and abstraction.  When I look for color in the world it is easy to find tans, browns or beiges and much harder to find bright and vibrant hues. Unless of course we go to man made products, which is the subject of my latest print “Fire Within”.  My subject of this print was licorice. I came up with several different compositions but this one is by far my favorite. Currently it is the first image on my front page slider and also can be viewed in my Abstract Portfolio.

Radio City

Culling through my work in process folder I ran across an image that brought a smile to my face. Just wondering around NYC is always so much fun and visiting the iconic Radio City building is icing on the top. The image was shot in color and processed with Nik’s Silver Efex Pro. Check out “Radio City” in the Black and White Portfolio.  Thanks for visiting and make it a great day!


Recently uploaded a new piece to the Abstract Portfolio. “Diversity” was photographed in studio and reflects my social view of acceptance of all beings. It’s a modern, large panorama size of 18 x 43 and would look great hanging above a sofa or bed. Smaller sizes available also. Thanks for visiting!

Freedom of the Press

All of the US political disarray and uncertainty has led my work in a different direction here lately, very much on a subconscious level.  “Freedom Press” is my latest addition to the Man Made Portfolio and serves to remind me and I hope you also just how valuable freedom of speech is along with the news media.  Lets not dismiss it!   As always, thanks for visiting.

Untitled Nude

Untitled Nude is the newest addition to my Portrait Portfolio. I really love the way the shadows are cast on the blue background. Post production included a  Photoshop plug in. Enjoy and thanks for visiting!

One A Day

One A Day is the latest addition to my Nature Made Portfolio. I came across some very distressed wood and have been using it as a background in the studio. The texture of the wood coupled with the vibrant and smooth surface of the fruit creates a wonderful visual. I have a couple of other shots I am working on and will have them uploaded soon, so stop back by. Thanks for visiting!

Crimson added to Abstract Portfolio

I am back working in the studio and feeling great about it. Just completed “Crimson” in the Abstract Portfolio. A macro shot of wooden match heads. I really do love the way this came out and is very unique printed. More new work is on the way!

Thanks for stopping by!

Two New Prints In Nature Made

Just released two new print in my Nature Made portfolio and I am very excited about both. One has a very coastal, tropical feel with a capture of a palm tree, but what really caught my eye was the very subtle rainbow peaking out from the clouds, thus named “Illusive Rainbow”. The other print is an abstract macro of a wasp nest called “Abstract Web”. The colors and the detail makes this image quite interesting. If you have a moment, please check them out in the Nature Made portfolio.

Thanks for stopping by!