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Foggy Morning

There is nothing like a foggy morning to jump start creativity with my camera. Just uploaded a new image to the Nature Made Portfolio of an image I shot in Sarasota Bay.¬† It was certainly a wet morning but I was rewarded with the light gently mixing with the fog to create some interested effects. Further enhancements in my digital darkroom created a one of a kind piece. Check out “Apricot Morning” now available for your collection in the Nature Made Portfolio.

Black and White Addition

Just uploaded a new addition to the black and white portfolio. A fabulous desert landscape that renders itself well to black and white post processing. The intensity of the desert sun enhances the dramatic contrast in the scene and depth of the blacks. The desert is such a unique environment and fragile ecosystem, it can’t help but inspire with each visit.

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New Images!

Welcome to, we just moved our website to a new server and currently uploading new images to the portfolio.  Bookmark us now and visit often!