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Vascular is a new print piece I just finished working on and is available in the Nature Made Portfolio.  Florida’s season changes provide limited variation in flora other than flowering or not and a couple of trees drop their leaves.  However, one plant, the Sea Grape when the temperatures drop below a certain level the leaves will turn a sexy red. The leaf is very thick and the cell structure reminded me of the something I would see in the vascular pages of an anatomy book.

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Sarasota Skyline

Last week I was so fortunate to catch Sarasota skyline on a night when the water was so calm the lights from the city just lit up the bay waters. It truly was magical. I have lived on this waterway for many years and have never seen the lights so vibrant and reflected. It was a rather chilly night so maybe that contributed to the crystal clear water and reflections. Anyway …. it is a great shot and available as a panoramic print. If you have time check it out in the Nature Portfolio.

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Fruit π

Fruit π is a new duo piece I just completed and uploaded to the Projects > On Black Portfolio.  Shot in studio using my all time favorite lens; Canon’s MP-E 65 mm crazy macro lens. This lens is so much fun to work with but truly requires a high level of precision and patience. I have written more on this fabulous lens in this blog post if interested.  Otherwise be sure to check out Fruit π duo in my On Black Portfolio.  Thanks for stopping by!

Blurred Lines

Blurred lines often crop up when trying to determine which Portfolio one of my pieces fit into. This happened with the latest work I just made available. “Tools” is pretty much a black and white yet very abstract also and certainly fits into my “Misconceptions” projects. Maybe placing in two out of three is just enough. If you have the time, pop on over to my Black and White Portfolio and check it out.  Thanks for visiting and make it a great week!

Mancave Newest Addition to Nature Portfolio

As we all struggle to cope with winter, I searched for a bit of island paradise to add to my portfolio. I came across this image taken eons ago on a trip to the Solomon Islands, Tikopia is the exact name of the island where this was taken.  A very small South Pacific Island (2 sq miles) and the remnant of an extinct volcano. What a peaceful place existed here.  This home was one of the largest on the island and sure to make a terrific “mancave” for most males I know. I couldn’t help but place it in my Nature Made Portfolio due to the organic nature of the entire structure. I don’t think there was a nail involved. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out “Mancave” in the Nature Made Portfolio!

Included In Corporate Collection

So thrilled that three of my giclée prints have been selected for inclusion in a Bank’s Corporate Collection.  Two are from my Abstract Portfolio “Abstract Vertical” and “Abstract Triangle”, which I shot in my studio. The third print “Peaceful Coconut” was photographed on location after a big Florida tropical storm. Read more of the details and about my process on my blog.  Thanks for stopping by!


A new addition to my “On Black” series features a macro view of a beautiful shell.  Imagine living in this as I am sure many creatures of the sea have done in the past.  This image was shot in studio while I was test driving Canon’s new 5DS R camera. The camera has incredible resolution and I really like the file size. Lots of pixels for cropping to a 4:3 perspective and still have a good size print. Definitely something for my Christmas list. You can check it out in the Black and White Portfolio or On Black under Projects. Thanks for stopping by.

Queen Ann

There is something about wildflowers that you just have to admire if you take the time to look at them. On a recent trip I stumbled upon a huge hill of them and of course I took some images. Just uploaded and made available for sale “Queen Ann”,  a rather abstract take on the wildflower Queen Ann Lace.  If you have a moment, check it out in the Nature Made Portfolio. And if you like wildflowers, you can find “Wild and Free” on my blog at or click the link above.

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Red Rose

Back in the studio the other day I was inspired by some beautiful roses I was given for my recent birthday! After experimenting with a few post processing techniques I felt a square format and the addition of textures and glow made this rose come alive.  In addition it turns out to be another great addition to my ‘beauty and grunge” flower collection. “Red Rose” is available for viewing in the Nature Portfolio and send me an email if interested in purchasing. Thanks for stopping by!

Foggy Morning

There is nothing like a foggy morning to jump start creativity with my camera. Just uploaded a new image to the Nature Made Portfolio of an image I shot in Sarasota Bay.  It was certainly a wet morning but I was rewarded with the light gently mixing with the fog to create some interested effects. Further enhancements in my digital darkroom created a one of a kind piece. Check out “Apricot Morning” now available for your collection in the Nature Made Portfolio.